The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Every Budget

The perfect look isn’t complete without the perfect eyeshadow. You’re shadow never has to be dull. Eyeshadow palettes make it easy to change up your look every day. Here are a couple of my favorite palettes for every budget:

Over $35

Naked 3 Palette

Looking for a versatile palette? Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes have so many different options and are compact enough to put in your purse. They are the perfect palettes to take you from day to night.

Urban Decay $54.00

chocolate bar eye shadow

Want eye shadow that’s as sweet as candy? Well now there’s the new Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. This palette has a wide range of colors to fit the needs of everyone.

Too Faced Cosmetics $49.00

becca eye shadow

If you’re looking for the best palette for a natural smokey eye, than this is the palette for you. With multiple shades of brown, this palette is perfect for every eye color.

Becca Cosmetics $40.00

Under $35

neutrogena eye shadow

The Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Eye Shadow + Built-in Primer palette not only keeps your eyeshadow from smudging but helps it stay on all night long. This is the perfect eyeshadow palette for dancing the night away.

Neutrogena $9.49

Physician's formula eye shadow

Natural makeup doesn’t have to be dull. This palette is perfect for a natural eye with a little sparkle. It’s the best shadow for a day in the office.

Physician’s Formula $11.99

NYX dreamcatcher palette

The catcher of all your eyeshadow nightmares. The NYX Dream Catcher Palette has a wide variety of dreamy colors to make sure you never wear the wrong shade again.

NYX Cosmetics $15.00

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