Contour your way to a flawless face

Everyone is searching for the product to make their face look flawless. Well there is a technique that can do that. Contouring your face. It may seem like a waste of time but this could make your face look slimmer and amazing. Don’t like a part of your face? No worries. You can highlight areas of your face you do like and diminish the parts you don’t. In order to contour your face correctly you need great products to go along with it. Here are my favorite contouring products:

Nars Contour Kit 

This is the palette I currently use and love it. You can find this at Sephora or Nars for around $42.

Anastasia Contour Kit 


Many people I know use this kit and absolutely love it. You can find it at Sephora for around $40.

Smashbox Contouring kit 

This product can be found at Sephora, Ulta, or Smashbox for around $45.

Rimmel Translucent Powder and Bronzer

If you’re on a budget, these products are the best for contouring. Use the Stay Matte powder in translucent and Rimmel bronzer that best fits your color.

These products can be found at a local drug store or Ulta and each range about $5.

Now that you’ve seen my favorite products, I will tell you the best kept secret around. Sephora has free beauty classes where you can sign up and learn how to do makeup. I personally went to the contour class and it was amazing.  Sephora Beauty Classes can make all the difference.

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